How to follow up with phone numbers

How to follow up with phone numbers and contact information

Text the person immediately. Let them know was nice to meet them and who you are and where you met. This way, they will know who you are when you call them or follow up with them later.

Despite popular belief, there is no standard waiting period. If you wait too long, and will be gone and they won’t even remember who you are. The sooner you can follow up to meet up the better.

Some people like to call and others will only text.

The content of what you say is similar to the conversations video we had before but had to carry a conversation. Whether you are playful or professional, depends on the context of the relationship and where you met them.

This follows a similar structure as the conversational video as well where you will start with an opener when you call them, talk about various topics that are directly related, tangential, or completely different from target before create a conversation with her through text messaging or over the phone.

This time however, you will not be asking for your phone number obviously, you will be asking them for a meeting, meet up or date.